Horror Movies

11:24 pm

It’s 11PM and you can not get asleep since you here lot of strange noises from your neighbor’s house.


11:34 pm

Your neighbor is prominent scientist who is usually very quiet, so you go out to check what’s happening.


11:39 pm

The door is open and your neighbor is not responding to your calling.You decide to enter, since your neighbor might be in trouble.As soon as you step in the door closes and locks up.

11:42 pm

Searching for your neighbor, you enter his workroom where you are stunned to find scheme of device designed to revive evil souls.


11:45 pm

You soon realize that origin of the screams you hear is not from your neighbor, but from the 4 horror creatures that are programmed to revive at midnight.

Can you set these creatures back to the realm of magic and escape this grave surrounding?